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LondonTM 8 Room Kit - For rooms up to 100 ft2 (9m2)
LondonTM 10 Room Kit - For rooms up to 120 ft2 (12m2)
LondonTM 12 Room Kit - For rooms up to 150 ft2 (15m2)
LondonTM 16 Room Kit - For rooms up to 200 ft2 (20m2)

Primacoustic London™ room kits include everything you need to turn any room into a great sounding studio or theater! Carefully designed to address acoustical concerns that are common to all rooms, London kits include a selection of Broadway™ panels to control primary reflections, flutter echo and excessive bass.

Panels are hung using Impalers that eliminate the use of wall-damaging glue. Available in your choice of black, grey, or beige to suit any décor, London room kits include all the necessary wall anchors, screws and even a drill bit for quick and easy installation!

- Complete studio or theatre treatment in a box

- Absorbs primary reflections & flutter echo

- Controls excessive bass down to 100Hz

- No messy glue required to mount panels

- Range of kits to fit any size room

 Files for Downloading
   London 10 datasheet
(PDF, 0.28MB)
   London 12 datasheet
(PDF, 0.29MB)
   London 16 datasheet
(PDF, 0.3MB)
   London 8 datasheet
(PDF, 0.24MB)
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