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myMix is a networked personal mixer & multi track recorder which provides simple yet powerful control over the shape of your individual mix. It can be used as a single stand-alone unit, or connected to an Ethernet switch as a system with up to 250 devices.

The user can select from all available audio channels in the network and create an individual stereo mix for headphones, in-ear monitors and powered speakers. The one touch multi track recorder can capture up to 18 tracks by using SD card recorder while performing. These files can be easily transferred to any DAW program for later use, simple play back, rehearsing or creating a Music Minus One (MMO) track for practicing.

myMix has been adopted by houses of worship, theatres, recording studios, concert sound, fixed installations and commercial sound applications. With the launch of myMix Control, engineers are provided with a new level of flexibility for support, design and operation.

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myMix Personal Mixer