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The al-4 Subcompact Line Array System is an ultra-compact and highly scalable package by advanced technologies such as a beryllium compression driver, Kevlar/Neo low frequency transducers, and precision amplification and DSP. The highly scalable al-4 system brings pristine sound quality and coveted line array performance to more applications than ever before.


The system is in standard blocks with eight al-4 Acoustic Elements and a single V4 Systems Engine comprising a single block. Multiple al-4 blocks can be combined to address larger applications. From small “one-man” shows to more demanding productions, scaling up or down is simply a matter of adding more elements to the array. “Small is the next big thing.”

Beryllium’s near perfect pistonic motion results from its extremely high stiffness-to-mass ratio, dramatically reducing mechanical deformation (breakup) and shifting resonant frequencies outside the audible range.

Beryllium resonance is 2.6 Times Higher than titanium or aluminium of the same size as shown by this plot of machined tuning forks exactly the same dimensions.


al-4 subcompact Line Array System