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The PJP-50UR is the ideal microphone speaker for web conferences and softphones. Its adaptive 20 kHz wide bandwidth echo canceller fits all kinds of room. Built-in noise reduction eliminates noise even in rooms with constant sound such as from projectors and air conditioners.

A microphone beam position detection function automatically tracks in the direction of the talker. Only the unadulterated voice of the talker is picked up. Also, it will not track noise sources such as projectors after setting to pick up in a certain direction. Because pickup is directed toward the talker, this mode is useful for multi-person conferences where noise sources are present.

The pickup range is from 3 m (recommended) to 5 m the maximum. Eight of the high sensitivity microphones achieve equivalent or better audio pickup than twice the number of conventional microphones. Projector and ventilation noises are avoided because the pickup is resistant to sounds directed at the ceiling.

The PJP-50USB can be daisy-chained up to 4 units via audio cables. It can also be connected to external speakers, fulfilling the need of a higher volume.

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