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The Radial JDI Duplex is a high performance two channel direct box that is designed to provide maximum flexibility for the audio engineer in the most demanding applications. It features two premium Jensen Transformers for optimal signal transfer with absolute minimum distortion while providing the smooth and warm sounding Bessel response that has made Jensen legendary. This makes the Radial Duplex perfect for producing a more analogue character from digital sources such as pianos and samplers that tend to sound ‘edgy’.

Each channel of the Radial Duplex features two parallel 1⁄4” and RCA inputs for source connection and thru-put to a high impedance destination. This is augmented with an XLR input for balanced +4dB sources. Front panel controls include a -15dB pad for high level sources, a high-cut filter to help eliminate noise from older electronic devices and a stereo-to-mono merge function that mixes two inputs to mono at the XLR output.

As with all Radial products, the Duplex is built for the road but ‘cleans-up’ nicely for the most elegant studio date. Plug & play easy to use, the Duplex is perfect for all instruments and high output sources where the most demanding audio quality is required.

  • Stereo direct box for high-output digital sources
  • Jensen transformers for warm Bessel curve
  • Virtually zero distortion from 10Hz to 80kHz
  • Stereo-to-mono merge (Y-mix) on each channel
  • Built tough to handle the extremes

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JDI Duplex MK4