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The Radial JD6 is a six channel, rackmount direct box designed for keyboards and electronic drums for both live and recording environments. The JD6 is equipped with premium Jensen transformers for maximum headroom and low phase distortion to render the most natural sound. This is of particular importance for digital pianos that are both extremely dynamic and have tremendous harmonic content.

All standard controls are front-panel mounted for easy access, and include pad, polarity reverse and ground lifts. Channels 1 & 2 are further equipped with switching jacks that provide front panel priority over the paralleled rear connectors, providing studio patch-bay functionality. An innovative stereo to mono merge function with 1⁄4” and RCA connectors to enhance connectivity, while passive filters may be used to reduce noise. Inside, a second series of grounding switches allow the system designer to adapt the JD6 to suit his specific grounding scheme.

In an effort to eliminate hum & buzz caused by ground loops, all six channels are completely independent and transformer-isolated, making the JD6 a wonderful problem- solver for the most demanding professional applications.

  • 6 discrete Radial JDI DI's in a one RU 19" unit
  • Jensen® transformer equipped
  • Exceptionally low distortion
  • High level handling
  • Front and back connections
  • Optional hook-up extension panels

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   Radial Direct Box
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