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The Radial JDV Super DI redefines the direct box by introducing three zones; two selectable inputs, three instrument outputs, a tuner-out and a balanced output for the console. These zones allow the musician to work within his own unique environment to spur on the creative process with new sounds, while providing the engineer with the ultimate in sonic performance.

Open up the JDV and you will find 100% discreet, over-sized components (no op-amps). The JDV combines our unique feed-forward Class-A circuit (no feedback loops) with extraordinary 30-Volt internal rails to produce unmatched sonic performance where maximum headroom, ultra-low harmonic, phase and intermodulation distortion is achieved. The result is significantly greater detail, minimal coloration, and improved depth and spectral imaging. To capture the natural essence of the instrument, the JDV is equipped with DragTMcontrol, a unique load correction circuit that reintroduces the natural tone that is lost when connecting to buffered circuits. A pad on the output ensures the JDV will not overload your mixer. As a unity gain device, the JDV will accept huge input levels and send them through without restriction.

The JDV’s ultra-low noise signal path makes it possible to present an instrument with an unprecedented 3.9 Meg-Ohm input for use with the more demanding piezo pickups.

  • Jensen Transformer equipped passive DI
  • Eliminates hum and buzz from ground loops
  • Virtually zero phase & harmonic distortion
  • Exceptional signal handling and noise rejection

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   Radial Direct Box
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