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VUE helps Tom Lee overcome HKUST’s acoustics

Published at ProAudio-Central

HONG KONG: A Vue al-4 subcompact line array system has been installed into the Atrium at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) by Tom Lee Engineering. The area has been plagued with acoustic problems due to the long reverberation times its glass dome and concrete walls create, and a lack of sound isolation has previously forced the institution to prohibit all audio activities outside of the lunch hour.

Ken Berger, CEO of Vue Audiotechnik, had visited Tom Lee recently to provide its sound engineers with professional training. He also visited the HKUST campus with the team, using the opportunity to pinpoint issues with the highly reflective environment. Mr Berger and the team subsequently carried out a demonstration of the manufacturer’s al-4 and al-8 beam steering line array systems which, by focusing sound into the centre of the room, aimed to minimise the problematic reflections.

As part of the same event, the university’s band society held a small concert in the Atrium. The Tom Lee team opted to deploy a small SR system consisting of a total of eight al-4 line array cabinets and two HS25 subwoofers positioned either side of the stage.

‘We were seeing levels of about 100dB in the concert today and levels of under 80dB in any of the closest classrooms,’ explained Mr Berger. ‘In the past, there might only have been 6dB difference between the concert and classroom, which is a pretty dramatic improvement.’