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Aviom A360 - Interview with Dear Jane

Dear Jane, a local band from Hong Kong, used Aviom A360 for the first time during the rehearsal. Tim, the vocalist, and Howie, the guitarist, had used Aviom A-16II before. Both of them prefer using traditional foldback monitors over the A-16II as they considered A-16II too difficult to handle. However, the experience of using A360 for the rehearsal has changed their mind. Both Tim and Howie agreed in comparison to the previous A-16II, the new design of A360 does not only improve in appearance, but more importantly, the A360’s interface is much more user friendly. Tim said, “From the first sight, I can instantly tell where the volume control is for my own track.”

Howie even stated that A360 is easy to operate even without a sound engineer, he mentioned, “From perspective of musicians such as myself who refuse to use the Aviom A-16II due to its complicated interface, the A360 user-friendly interface just makes sense to me and I am able to use it without needing somebody to teach me.”

Nice, the drummer, and Jackal, the bass guitarist, are more experienced with personal monitor mixers, they pointed out that A360 provides more practical functions than A-16II and can satisfy musicians more. A360 brings along a new experience to musicians and enables them hear the purist sound. Nice stated, “The biggest difference in my opinion, is that built-in effects such as reverb and stereo panning has been added to the A360. The previous model (A-16II) we can only control the volume and do mono panning, the A360 allow us to be in better control.

Jackal agree with Nice’s point of view and added, “A360 offer better tone control compare to A-16II as the EQ allows you to make fine adjustments with treble, mid, and bass giving the user more flexibility.”