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YRock International Music Challenge: Heat #3

Each year, YRock hold a music challenge where teenage musicians from all over Hong Kong compete for an opportunity to play on the main stage at the upcoming Picnic in the Park Music and Dance Festival.

For third heat of this challenge, Tom Lee Engineering provided pro audio equipment for this event with HKAPA (Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts) students on panel. The competition was held in a Spanish restaurant at Discovery Bay where the manager wishes to keep half of his restaurant as a casual dining area with their usual background music playing. Therefore, the mission in achieving a good even sound pressure level to fill the restaurant in a controlled manner post a challenge for APA students and TLE engineers. As the performing area was outside at the patio, it’s also very important not to cause any noise disturbance to neighbor restaurants.

For the main PA system, VUE Audiotechnik al-4 line array and as-115 subwoofers were chosen for their steerable VUEPoint beam forming technology. Sound Engineers from TLE pre-programmed the V4 systems engine to optimize this particular setup.

The soundman from APA did an excellent job in controlling the sound pressure levels within the performance part of restaurant and there were no external noise complaints.

To minimize the noise from bleeding outside the restaurant we limit the use of acoustic instruments as much as possible by using a set of electric drums and silent cymbals in conjunction with the myMix personal monitors so performers are able to hear back through their in-ear monitors instead of traditional fold back monitors.

The idea of performers being in charge of what they hear makes an awful lot of sense. This further even out the sound pressure level within the restaurant as well and provide a more enjoyable experience for diners so everybody were still be able to chit chat while enjoying the performance.


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