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Street Music Series@Comix Home Base

Music has always been a medium for bonding people of different cultures together.

In the past most band shows are restricted to be performed indoors far away from the city and hidden in industrial buildings due to strict noise regulations in Hong Kong. It becomes increasingly difficult for music enthusiasts to achieve things such as social inclusion, or simply introduce their music to more people.

Hong Kong Arts Center is working in conjunction with Comix Home Base and Kung Music Workshop to start a Street Music Series event. Event takes place at a patio outside of Comix Home Base with surrounding walls and residential building on one end so we have to ensure minimal noise is being reflected and travel to the residential area.

For the purpose of this demo, we chose two sets of 6 x AXYS Target U-16 which offers high sensitivity and extremely dynamic and transparent sound reproduction. Paired with 4 x B-215 differential beam shaping subwoofer and by using dedicated software to optimize the directivity of an array according to room and audience area geometry mimic the environment we were able to direct the sound pressure to a specified area thus minimizing unwanted reflections and chance of disturbing the neighborhood. For this specific application, we were able to successfully drop the dB level by an average of 10dB when comparing between the back section audience area and the open hallway of the residential area facing directly to the back of the stage.

For performing musicians, we connected their instruments through Radial J48 direct box to ensure clean and balanced signal into myMix personal mixers. Despite the cardioid effect from Duran speakers, musicians were able to hear their own personalized mix clearly through in-ear monitors and make any adjustments to the mix on-the-fly. They would also be able to record the live session with a single push of a button onto a microSD card in studio quality.

This event turned out to be great success to showcase outdoor live performance is possible even with current strict noise regulations. It could be a new platform for young musicians to connect as well as a medium to expose different genres of music to the general public, certainly a bright start to enrich the music culture of Hong Kong.

Kong (event organizer) – “We have been hosting outdoor music events in Hong Kong for over 5 years now and had a lot of problems with noise complaints in the past. This makes it very difficult to host an outdoor music festival, however this event turned out very successful without disturbing the neighborhood.”

Janice/Paul@Sun Eskimos (performer) – "It’s (myMix) also good between songs instead of get the sound man’s attention you can just get it done yourself and adjust it to whatever level you want”


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Loudspeaker JBL AXYS Target U-16
Subwoofer JBL AXYS B-215 DIFF
Digital Mixing Console Yamaha DM1000VCM
Direct Box Radial J48
Personal Mixer myMix