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Training on myMix personal monitor mixer

Tom Lee Engineering has been pursuing new and unique pro audio products in order to provide best-ever audiovisual experience to our customers.  We have been promoting the latest brand – myMix. The myMix personal monitor mixer, combines multi-track recording capabilities and more innovative sonic technology, that is ideal for musicians or performers to use.

15 July 2014, the product manager of myMix, Mr. Christian Glueck, participated the product-training seminar via the video conferencing system with our professional sound engineers. Christian elaborated the functions and applications of myMix. It can be used as a monitor during performance, it can also be used to record sound tracks. With the recorded tracks, musicians are able to practice alone with the MMO (Music Minus One) function, thus, saving time. Besides, Christian also demonstrated how myMix could be used as an intercom system, showing the diversity of myMix.

The Q&A session is followed by the detailed analysis of the features and applications of the myMix personal monitor mixer. Christian offered technical advices and was well received by our sound engineers. The seminar has successfully showed sound engineers how myMix can solve different audio problems for the Hong Kong market.