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Technology Solution / Application Seminar

We have arranged a demo seminar with the Hong Kong Academics for Performance Arts to showcase our comprehensive solution. The demo seminar began with an outstanding guitar/vocal performance utilizing our silent practice solution tailored for musicians. We paired the myMix personal mixer with Triad-orbit advanced microphone stand system and a Lewitt LCT940 reference class microphone for vocals. Guitar and Lewitt LCT940 were plugged into myMix and not only was the performer able to monitor/adjust his own mix on the fly without affecting the front house mix, with a push of button he was also able to record the entire performance in separate tracks for re-mastering later onto a SD card.

Lewitt LCT940 combines the sonic characteristics of a tube and a FET mic in one single housing for maximum creative freedom and an undisturbed workflow. Triad-orbit stand systems allows precise mic placement without compromise, it offer the most accurate, adjustable and secure platform for microphones as well as other professional photography/video equipments.

myMix was connected to a Mackie DL1608 digital mixing console which uses the iPad as touch interface. It also allows multiple iPads to be connected simultaneously and to be controlled wirelessly. This is very useful for sound engineers located in different rooms to work on the same mixer. Performance was playback via VUE Audiotechnik al-4 line array system with unique beryllium high frequency diaphragms.

Second part of the demo features a live demo of steerable column line array systems including PanBeam (PB08) and JBL Professional Intellivox DC115 & DC180. By using dedicated software, we were able to perform a live demonstration of the steerable technologies for both array systems. Our engineers programmed the speakers so the sound is directed at one half of the seating area; the audience was very impressed by this technology as the sound level was noticeably lower at certain area once the software was set.

The Orbitsound M9 hi-fi system was selected for video playback and the sound from a single system was able to fill up the entire lecture hall. This compact yet powerful 200W system is also capable of handling microphones for speech, announcements, and singing with minimal feedback. To demonstrate this we used a Lewitt MTP840 microphone with the M9 and it worked out sounding great with excellent clarity.