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Roland Audio and Visual Product Training Seminar

A Roland audio and visual product training seminar was held at Tom Lee Engineering demo room in late November 2013. Around 40 professionals and prosumers were invited to attend the seminar. The sales manager of Roland, Mr. Nakauchi, has come over from Japan to introduce and show the advanced features of the latest products to attendees.

Roland aims to take role in shaping the sound of modern music. Therefore, Roland is paying high attention in the professional audio and video equipments that target at professionals and prosumers. Products of Roland are performing well in multi-format input and output. With the technique of multi-format integration, formats of multimedia are no longer the constraints of users. This enables a good quality of production work.

VR-50HD, a multi-format AV mixer, is one of the highlighted products. Mr. Nakauchi stimulated a weather broadcast chroma key demonstration with the use of VR-50HD. With the simple operation, it is easy to use and enables single-person operation of sound and picture. It is suitable for different users and it is ideal for various purposes, such as schools, cooperate events or other live events. 


M200-i, a live mixing console is another highlighted product in the seminar. The mixing console can be operated independently, besides, it allows the use of wireless i-Pad as the control or even a remote control away from the console. Mr. Nakauchi played a demonstration with an i-Pad from different positions showing that M200-i provides high mobility, flexibility and also stability for a live performance or event.


The seminar provided a chance for users to experience different latest products of Roland and received technical advices directly. This has built up a communication link among manufacturer, distributer and users, thus, encouraged exchanging ideas and opinions. Last but not least, the seminar has successfully created a professional image of audio and video equipments for Roland and facilitated the future development of the brand.