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AXYS Duran Audio Asia Training 2012

AXYS Duran Audio Asia Training Event 2012
Driving integrity of sound reinforcement and shaping the future sound

To introduce the advanced acoustics technologies and develop effective solutions in pro audio market, Duran Audio and Tom Lee Engineering have jointly organized an Asia Training Event from 17-19 October, 2012. Having both indoor workshop and outdoor demonstration, the training and large-scale demonstration were held at Tai Tam Scout Centre.

Tom Lee Engineering showcased comprehensive ranges of product with the service provision of giant trusses set-up, equipments deployment and system configuration for demonstrations, with the informative workshops and presentations conducted by Duran Audio, dealers hailed from different parts of Asian countries as well as local installers, sound engineers and consultants were invited to partake the training.

The knowledge-based training started with brand product overview, in which the strengths and applications of different series were captured. Sound demonstration on Scope G2, Source G2 and Flex G2 exhibited high performance of speakers to the attendees. Followed by the workshop, attendees practiced the Intellivox Range and Target Range acoustics system design with Wincontrol and DDA software for outdoor defined area. To highlight the steerable functionality and patented beam shaping know-how, a broad variety of top product demonstrations were carried out aptly afterwards to achieve optimal sound coverage, dispersion and unwanted sound elimination within several checkpoints by distances.

Through a blend of strategic perspective presentations, workshops and question-and-answer session conducted by experts, participants gained rewarding experiences by not only increasing product knowledge and mutual understanding, but also taking the mystery out of AXYS seamless sound reinforcement. The three-day training was completed with success, we would like to acknowledge Duran Audio for their professional analysis, insights and look forward to more fruitful training events in the future.

"The AXYS® Training seminars are a vital part of the process of people being able to understand our unique digital beam shaping technology, the whole Duran team found the attendees at this event very attentive and this certainly assisted in it being incredibly successful. Without Tom Lee Engineering being such a professional team we could never have come close to achieving what we did in these three short days"
Max Lindsay-Johnson, Duran Audio

Duran Audio joined hands with Tom Lee Engineering in the Asia Training, which drew full attendance

A single Intellivox-DSX500 offers long throw
capability with coverage up to 70m

Intellivox DSX180 is suited for smaller less reverberant
environments to improve speech intelligibility. It also
can be a fill system in larger Intellivox installations

Product demonstration included line array U16, B215 subwoofer and B215 Diff beam shaping subwoofer

The dissection of Digital Directivity Analysis (DDA) example during presentation

Attendees predicted 3D direct SPL distribution by Digital Directivity Analysis (DDA) in workshop

Practical workshops boosted deeper product knowledge and applications

Duran Audio experts explained the acoustics modeling software in great detail