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 1  Soka Kindergarten     
 2  Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School     
 3  Black Box Theatre of The ISF Academy     
 4  Diocesan Boys' School     
 5  Leung Shek Chee College     
 6  W F Joseph Lee Primary School      
 7  Education Resource Centre     

Education nowadays is far more sophisticated than in the old days. In designing sound systems for secondary and primary schools, their needs for public announcement, campus radio and campus TV have to be accommodated in addition to the facilities for halls, music rooms, multimedia studios, etc.  

Sound systems for educational institutes must be multi-functional, durable, easy to use as well as scalable. Usually assemblies, ceremonies and arts performances all take place in halls, and sometimes students take up the role of system operators. Furthermore, excellent services including technical support, operation training and repair and maintenance are indispensable.