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Hotel (Hong Kong)
Solution Using a powerful sound system to cater for various purposes and functions

This is not a very big hall but the client was looking for a big system - a powerful sound system that can cater for various purposes, then the hall could become a multi-purpose venue for rock n’ roll concerts, pop music performances and large conferences, etc.

As conventional sound systems create much reverberation, we installed Duran Audio's Target System speakers in this hall. They are controlled by computer software to adjust the sound dispersion. This results in even SPL distribution, reduced noise nuisance and improved intelligibility. The project was completed with the cooperation of an acoustic consultant. To achieve perfection, a large amount of absorptive materials was adopted on the ceiling.

Product Highlight:
Speaker -
Subwoofer -
Mixing Console Yamaha - M7CL
Signal Distributor Aviom - Digital Audio Signal Distribution Networks
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