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Hotel (Shenzhen)
Solution Controlling the sound coverage with a combination of speakers

The lobby lounge in this five-star hotel in Shenzhen features live music and entertainment performances every night. Since it is an open area connected to the reception and waiting area, music should be confined in the lobby only and therefore a speaker that can control dispersion was required. 

We installed two Duran Audio DSX-430 digitally controlled column speakers along with two B-215 subwoofers. Although there are different sound reflective materials in the lobby, with the Intellivox speakers, the sound is clear with even distribution throughout the whole area. After adjustment the sound can only be heard in the lobby lounge while the reception area remains undisturbed.

In the grand ballroom, we installed four DSX-280 and two DSX-500 speakers with two B-215 subwoofers. When the grand ballroom is changed into three function rooms, these pairs of speakers will serve individually for each room. By controlling the vertical dispersion of the soundwave from each of the Intellivox speakers, unwanted reflection of sound is avoided.

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