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Soka Kindergarten

To establish a pleasant, open and diverse learning environment for children, the kindergarten appointed Tom Lee Engineering for the professional audio consultation and installation of their assembly hall. The kindergarten aims to hold more types of activities or performances with the upgraded audio system in order to expand children’s potential and creativity.

Our sound engineers firstly figured out the kindergarten’s requirements for the audio system and accessed the constraints of the assembly hall. We recommended and installed Mackie 1600W SRM550 loudspeakers on both the left and right sides of the hall in order to provide a full sound coverage for the venue. With the Mackie High Definition Audio Processing™ and feedback destroyer, the SRM550 is able to deliver high quality and accurate sound for various activities and bring along excellent audio experience to the campus. Besides, the kindergarten also acquired a Mackie 1604VLZ4 16-channel analog mixer that connects to the sound reinforcement system. Therefore, teachers and staff of the kindergarten are able to control the live sound effects during school activities or performances and to enhance the overall performance.  


Product Highlight:
Loudspeaker Mackie - SRM Series 1000W HD Powered Speakers
Mixing Console Mackie - VLZ4 Series Analog Mixing Consoles
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