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Indoor Velodrome-cum-Sports Centre

The Indoor Velodrome-cum-Sports Centre completed with a cost of HKD1.1billion is an international competition-standard indoor velodrome for the community. To ensure the venue’s use is maximized, the velodrome also includes a concrete skate park, multi-purpose area for basketball, volleyball, badminton, gymnastics and other sports.

Commissioned to design and install audio system for the venue’s announcements, commentary, background and foreground music of various activities, two main challenges befell upon Tom Lee Engineering’s project team. The perimeter above the wooden 250m cycling track includes a 3,000 capacity seated audience area. Speaker system is required to be suspended only on overhead catwalks in the centre of the velodrome, for which no single cluster could exceed 100kg in weight. Moreover, the energy of the loudspeakers had to be directed purely on the audience areas so as to not disturb the competing cyclists below or stimulate reverberation by hitting the upper wall surfaces above.

This has been achieved by suspending 8 clusters at specific points below the 20m height catwalk, for which each cluster consists of four Duran Audio Axys U-16 speakers. The vertical slot diffraction HF horn of the self-powered cabinets is a narrow horizontal outline, which allows close spacing of the dual 6.5-inch low-mid drivers. This design promotes a smooth radiation pattern in the horizontal plain.

The venue measures 150m in length and 110m in width, but steering the 100dB SPL energy of U-16 cabinets accurately towards the seats with no spillage onto the cycle track was easily achieved by using the Digital Directivity Synthesis (DDS). The sound dispersion from each cluster is targeted to the seats. For speech, this is fairly straight forward, but for beam steering musical performances using lower frequencies, it becomes more of a challenge, we then added four B-215 DIFF subwoofers at fixed points from the catwalk. Installed into the rear overhead control room, a Yamaha M7CL-32 console has been outfitted with MY16 CII Cobranet and Aviom 6416 Y2 I/O output cards, providing dedicated speech or music modes, for which various pre-sets have been stored.

Aside from the indoor Velodrome, a covered outdoor theatre was also provided with a similar sound reinforcement system, comprising a Yamaha M7CL console, DME24N digital mixing engine and Yamaha XP7000 amplifiers plus 70 Technomad 15T speakers under all the amphitheatre’s seats to create a special vibrating sensation for the audience.



Product Highlight:
Loudspeaker -
Subwoofer -
Digital Mixing Console Yamaha - M7CL
Mixing Engine Yamaha - DME24N
Loudspeaker Technomad - Vernal
I/O output card Aviom6416 Y2
Amplifiers Yamaha XP7000
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