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Hotel (Macau)
Solution Customising water-proof speakers with a horizontal sound dispersion at 180 degrees

This system was installed in an outdoor square in front of the casino instead of inside the casino itself. The client requested a speaker with wide dispersion, durability and exceptional sound quality.

On top of the environmental factors, the client required a horizontal sound dispersion at 180 degrees. Hence, the speaker system had to be specially designed and manufactured. Apogee produced, according to the requirements, water-proof speakers with wide dispersion. These custom-made speakers with such wide dispersion cannot be found anywhere else in the market.

The system goes with an Apogee subwoofer put in a metal case that prevents the subwoofer from being damaged. Besides, speakers and lamps are hung on a pole with a subwoofer at the bottom. The whole piece is actually a beautiful lamppost.

Product Highlight:
Speaker Apogee - MTO Custom Made 2 way Single-amped Wide Dispersion Speaker
Subwoofer Apogee - AFI118
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