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Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School

In line with the development of students, the school would like to upgrade their existing sound system of the hall. Having considered their versatile applications, our audio engineer team deployed Mackie audio products in order to unleash the great power of the sound system with outstanding quality of sound and wide coverage. Mackie HDA 12” 2-way arrayable loudspeakers are installed at the front of the hall. With the 1200W peak power and the coverage pattern of 110 x 20 degrees, the HDA system is powerful enough to fill up the hall with consistent and clear sound. Combining with Mackie HD1801 subwoofer, this forms a full HDA arr ay solution, which is capable to provide the maximum coverage and to deliver excellent low frequency directivity. The speaker system is connected to a 32-ch. Mackie 3204-VLZ4 mixing console for wide dynamic range and ultra low noise performance in order to control the sound effects during live events.


Product Highlight:
Powered Subwoofer Mackie - HD Series Powered Subwoofer
2-way Arrayable Loudspeaker Mackie - HDA 12” 2-way arrayable loudspeaker
Analog Mixing Console Mackie - VLZ4 Series Analog Mixing Consoles
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