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VUE al-8 Line Array Delivers For Jakarta Praise Community Church

Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC) becomes one of Jakarta’s fastest growing Christian ministries. In response to its growing popularity, JPCC recently christened a new flagship worship space. The large multi-purpose facility is located in a world class shopping center in the heart of Jakarta.

With a growing roster of visiting, the church asked for a top tier audio system in their new venue for full-on rock concert and dynamic worship service. After an extensive search, a VUE Audiotechnik al-8 Compact Line Array System was selected as the main PA for the comprehensive solution that also includes both tracking and mixing capabilities.

“Over the years our church has tried line arrays from most of the major manufacturers, but we’ve always struggled to achieve really good high frequency definition,” explained Pongky Prasetyo, JPCC’s sound engineer. “Our music incorporates a lot of guitar and synthesizers, along with a vocal style that’s very heavy in the upper-mid and high frequencies. For us it’s crowded at the upper end, and most systems struggle to reproduce this without sounding harsh. When I heard that VUE was preparing to introduce a system with beryllium compression drivers, I was immediately intrigued. I’ve had experience with beryllium in the studio and know how much better it is at translating high frequencies.”

“After reviewing the church’s requirements and schedule, the VUE team was confident that the al-8 would deliver the HF performance that JPCC had been seeking. VUE committed to delivering the first finished al-8 system in time for the JPCC’s live recording and anniversary celebration,” explained Aguswan.

The final PA design includes 32 al-8 acoustic elements arranged in left and right clusters of eight and a center cluster consisting of two 8-box arrays. Eight VUE Audiotechnik V6 Systems Engines provide all amplification and DSP functions including speaker protection, system-optimized alignment of EQ, time and crossover settings, as well as SystemVUE network connectivity. Low frequency is delivered by twelve VUE hs-28 ACM subwoofers.

“We couldn’t be happier,” remarked Prasetyo. “Just as I had hoped, the beryllium drivers in the al-8 translate the upper frequencies better than anything I’ve tried before. I no longer have to pull back the 2-5kHz range. The al-8′s are so clean and accurate that I feel like they can handle anything I send them.”Presetyo also notes being extremely pleased with the output and tonal quality of VUE’s hs-28 subwoofers and was quick to praise their seamless integration with the rest of the system. “There’s a very realistic quality to hs-28s that’s much more musical than most subwoofers. It’s more than just a punch in the chest. They deliver accuracy at the low that’s the perfect match for the al-8.”

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