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The Hub Hong Kong ─ Sound for the Children

A new service centre which aims at developmental, supportive and recreational purposes for children and youth has been opened this year at Sham Shui Po ─ The Hub Hong Kong, where all-round facilities including playground, kitchen, dining area, computer and activities room, study corner are available in serving up to 150 needy children and teens. The organization is supported by The Rev Bill Crews Foundation and The Rotary Club of Kowloon North to assist underprivileged children and youngsters in Hong Kong.

Various kinds of activities will be regularly held at the centre to boost the youth services and social missions in community, the centre therefore required a high-impact sound reinforcement and cost-effective solution. The rectangular designed area of the centre is the largest facility that can accommodate audiences with seating, we designed the system with Mackie C200 2-way passive ceiling-mounted loudspeakers to balance an even front-to-back SPLs coverage of the activity playground. The loudspeakers with injection-molded composite enclosures deliver superior mid-high frequency dispersion, plus the sound controlled by Mackie 1402VLZ3 14-channel ultra-compact mixer with extended frequency response, the sound articulation and entire constant harmonics without any loss can be easily achieved.

We considerably enhance the flexibility of the gears as well by integrated the wireless microphone systems, mixers and amplifiers into a movable rack to offer an all-in-one yet space-saving solution. “We do appreciate the reliable audio system and the high efficiency to the installation accomplishment, with detailed operation guidelines given by engineers, we are now equipped with a hassle-free solution for a series of upcoming activities.” says Ms. Vancy Pang, the Service Manager of The Hub Hong Kong.

Product Highlight:
2-way passive ceiling-mounted loudspeakers Mackie - 1402-VLZ3
14-channel ultra-compact mixer Mackie - C200
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