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Diocesan Boys' School

Diocesan Boys' School’s Yip Kit Chuen Concert Hall at The Yunni & Maxine Pao Auditorium is a new versatile venue that accommodates more than 800 audiences in 2012. 

The Concert Hall as such is well designed in horn-shape for musical functions which rely on natural sound, but acoustical audio is crucial for enhancing the speech intelligibility when comes to the purpose of speeches delivery. Of equal importance to keeping even sound coverage amongst seating area, while aesthetically matching with the inherent interior architectural concept, we applied merely a pair of self-powered beam shaping AXYS Intellivox DS1608 loudspeakers on the upper sidewall of the stage in lieu of a combination of numerous speakers. 

Aside from an extended frequency response up to 18kHz, it can deliver up to 108 dB SPL at 50 m. With an array length of 3.7 m the speaker not only offers long throw capability but also control of full frequencies. Flutter reflections are eliminated and speech transmission index (STI) functionality is enhanced with Digital Directivity Synthesis (DDS) technology.

A chosen array and position which fulfill precise sound dispersion pattern and constant spectral balance for all the listening positions of auditorium enrich audiences’ experiences. To avoid distraction of visual clutter, the satiability of front-fill sound is fed from four Duran Audio U-14 compact speakers which are mounted on the lip of the stage to present sound in well balanced. Duran Audio B-215 Diff subwoofers are placed apiece at the corners of the front stage to provide stereo full-band width bass and up to 20dB front to back rejection.

For sound quality control, AKG DMS700 wireless digital microphone system,  Yamaha M7CL digital mixing console and DME24N mixing engines communicate signals transmission from stage to control room via an Aviom 6416M digital connection system. Our functional audiovisual system is meticulously designed to refine the sound delivery and lighting effect for venue’s versatility.

Product Highlight:
Microphone System AKG - DMS 700
Speaker JBL - Intellivox DC / DS and DSX
Subwoofer JBL - AXYS B-215 DIFF
Speaker JBL - AXYS Flex U-14 G2
Mixing Console Yamaha - M7CL
Signal Processor Yamaha - DME24N
Signal Input / Output Module Aviom - 6414m
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