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Solution Using a digital amplifier with low heat emission in a small area without air-conditioning

The client was looking for a quality sound system for the lobby. We proposed Flyingmole’s digital amplifier in this very small area to drive Lobo speakers. Flyingmole’s digital amplifier is a good choice for small areas without air-conditioning as it releases less heat than analog amplifiers. Moreover, digital amplifiers run quietly.

As per the client’s requirement, each poster or each display goes with a piece of music. We installed Lobo PL48 speakers on the ceiling above each display. Thanks to the micro line array technology, sound becomes focused and directional, and there is no interference among speakers.

We chose Yamaha DME24N with digital mixing console to separate and signal distribution networks.

Product Highlight:
Signal Processor Yamaha - DME24N
Speaker -
Speaker Mackie - SRM450
Power Amplifier Flyingmole - Power Ampliciation System
Power Amplifier Yamaha - Power Ampliciation System
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