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Shopping Mall (Mongkok)
Solution Applying two sound systems for playing background music and musical performances respectively

The client was looking for sound systems that are used for playing background music and musical performances.

We installed Lobo’s PL48 line array speakers on the ceiling above the escalator area for playing background music. The speakers can project sound as far as 48 metres away and the sound is evenly distributed.

Small-scaled musical performances frequently take place on the top floor of the mall. We installed Apogee speakers there for superb sound quality.

Product Highlight:
Speaker -
Speaker Apogee - ALA9 3 way Tri-amped Line-array Speaker
Speaker Apogee - ALA5 2 way Bi-amped Line-array Speaker
Speaker Apogee - AFI8 2 way Bi-amped Array Speaker
Subwoofer Apogee - AFI118
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