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Rock Angel Band House with Mackie reported by Pro Audio-Central

Published at ProAudio-Central

Rock Angel Band House welcomes musicians with Mackie

HONG KONG: Set up recently to aid young musicians struggling to find adequate rehearsal space, Rock Angel Band House in Fo Tan, Hong Kong, has been outfitted with a Mackie sound reinforcement system by Tom Lee Engineering.

A large-scale commercial overhaul of Hong Kong’s industrial areas has driven up rent prices significantly in recent times. The centre’s owner Angel Leung (aka Rock Angel) started the organisation with the goal of providing a space where aspiring musicians can practice and have the opportunity to perform at a minimal rate.

‘Nowadays it’s very difficult to make a living out of music in Hong Kong because everything have become so commercialised,’ explained Ms Leung. ‘The idea of this project is to promote band culture by providing a stress-free environment for local musicians where it’s affordable and also a provides a platform for them to perform.’

The system supplied by Tom Lee Engineering includes a 32-channel Mackie 3204VLZ4 analogue mixer feeding a set of SRM650 loudspeakers and accompanying SRM1850 subwoofers. A further four SRM450v2 speakers were deployed for on-stage monitoring.

‘I find the Tom Lee team really put their heart into band sound related activities and this is what sticks out from others,’ commented Ms Leung. ‘After this project was completed, the Tom Lee team came voluntarily to ensure everything sounded the way it should. We had an open training session on mixing consoles for musicians and the team came to help out with that as well.’