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Tom Lee upgrades flagship store with Yamaha reported by Pro Audio-Central

Published at ProAudio-Central

Tom Lee upgrades flagship store with Yamaha

HONG KONG: Tom Lee Engineering has outfitted the flagship Tom Lee Music store in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, with a new distributed Yamaha speaker system. Aside from stocking musical instruments, the store features a dedicated section for Hi-Fi lovers and audio professionals on the second floor, as well as an acoustic Guitar Zone and dedicated Steinway & Sons grand piano area. The new system is intended to increase intelligibility for announcements and BGM, while providing increased functionality for the store's individual zones.

A total of 21 Yamaha VXC series ceiling speakers and four VXC series wall-mount speakers were strategically deployed throughout the different zones on each floor, finished in either black or white to match the surrounding décor. Each zone features a Yamaha CDC600 five-disc CD changer and Yamaha RXV477 five-channel A/V receiver to control and power the VXC speakers. According to the installers, this system provides the flexibility of feeding different sources to each zone with independent control while delivering high-fidelity sound.

‘Yamaha’s VXC series ceiling speakers were chosen for this installation to enhance sound quality within the store without disturbing its interior décor,’ explained Tom Lee Engineering marketing executive, Alan Suen. ‘Their speaker cone and dedicated tweeter diaphragms are made out of a carefully-created blend of materials that helps optimise sound reproduction. The cabinets are built with just the right tensile strength to offer a firm, tight low-end with durability to meet the demands of a wide variety of commercial environments.’