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Audiovisual Expertise with Solution-based Equipment

Making music is a wondrous experience and live performances are absolute thrills for musicians and audiences alike. Both parties demand and deserve excellent sound quality and visual effects. In response to the market needs towards sound and lighting reinforcement, Tom Lee Engineering Ltd. is ridden on robust foundation of Tom Lee Music Co. Ltd and merged by its pro audio sales, design and concert services divisions.

Leading with pioneering spirits and professionalism over 30 years, Tom Lee Engineering is a total solution provider of audio, video and lighting applications to the community. We utterly commit to pursuing a quality life with best-ever audiovisual experience, embracing equipment diversity and unlocking their full potential applications for the sake of best-in-class products, services and best-fit solutions. Other than single piece of hardware business, technical capability and product quality are imperatives for integrated applications and solutions in the ever-changing environment. From professional consultation, on-site product demonstration, programming, installation to end user operation training, and repair and maintenance, rich service portfolio and brand recognition strengthen our competitive project installation position in the market. Our service extensively stretches across arts performing centers, theatres, sports centers and stadiums, entertainment facilities and clubhouses, shopping malls, television stations, hotels, educational institutes, and houses of worship.

Aside from installation service, with an array of diversified pro audio equipment, sophisticated rigging designs and cutting-edge technologies from all over the world, we provide customized scope of rental services. On top of numerous concerts and large-scale events, we also engage in seminars, annual dinners and expos, shopping mall events, press conferences and religious activities along the years. Staying competitive, we always remain responsive to changes and constantly enhance knowledge of our engineers with supplemental training programs.

We design the most appropriate audio, video and lighting solutions for perfect multimedia effect, making our utmost efforts to ensure everything happens the way you desire. You are welcome to contact us for an experiencing tour at our showroom to listen and believe the sound of truth. A wide selection of musical instruments and well-equipped rehearsal room are also available for rent.